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  • Used Cooking Oil For Biodiesel

    Appearance: Light yellow liquid 

    Freefattyacids 3% —8% MAX
    M.I.U(MoistureandImpurities) 0.1%-2%
    Saponificationvalue: 18185-1955-195
    Iodinevalue: 80-100
    SulphurContent(mg/kg) 18-50
    AcidValue(mgKOH)/g) 6-16

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Detail:IN flexi tank or as per your demand.
    Delivery Detail: within 15 days after confirmation the order.

    Quality Standard: 
    1.Can manufacture as per customer’s special demand 
    2.Accept third party inspection

    Used Cooking Oil Is a very economical alternative fuel for many applications such as diesel engines and for heating oil burners. In fact, as more people are being aware of it, Used cooking oil is increasingly being used in diesel fuel for trucks, buses and other types of machines.
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