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  • Hydrochloric acid

    Hydrochloric acid is chemically written as HCl and is a strong acid known to have no color or odor. It is actually a term to call for a solution of hydrogen chloride and water. Hydrogen chloride is an acid that is a result of a reaction between chlorine and hydrogen gas which results to an explosive formation of the acidic gas. 

    Ordinarily it is known as muriatic acid, found in homes as a cleaning agent, yet very corrosive. 

    The compound has long been used by people. In fact, it was initially illustrated by an Arab alchemist named Jabir ibn Hayyan in the eighth century. In the 1200s people studying substances used the theory of Jabir to find the so-called "philosopher's stone" which was believed to turn common metals to gold. Jabir came up with a mixture that could remove silver and gold from alloys and ores and this was a combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, which was called aqua regia. Today, the HCl is still utilized in processing metal ores and alloys.

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