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  • Industrial Usages of Hydrochloric Acid

    Hydrochloric acid is written in the form of HCl chemistry and is a strong acid known to have no color or odor. It is actually a need to address the terms of hydrogen chloride and water. Hydrogen chloride is due to the reaction between chlorine and hydrogen and lead to acid gas explosion of the formation of acid. Usually called hydrochloric acid, found at home as a cleaning agent, but very corrosive. It has many industrial uses from producing strong cleaning fluids to manufacturing drugs. Surprisingly, animals, including humans, have acid in the stomach.

    For a long time, this compound has been used by people. In fact, it was originally called by an Arab alchemist in the eighth century called Jabir ibn Hayyan. People in the 1920s studied the use of Jabir's theory to find the so-called "philosopher's stone", which was thought to turn ordinary metal into gold. Jabir proposed a mixture of silver and gold that can be removed from alloys and ores, a combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, known as aqua regia. Today, HCl is still used to process metal ores and alloys.

    In fact, hydrochloric acid is actually a solution of hydrogen chloride gas and water. During the industrial revolution in Europe, there was a great need for large-scale production of soda ash or sodium carbonate, which could be synthesized by mixing calcium carbonate, sulfuric acid and coal. When the salt becomes soda ash, hydrogen chloride becomes a gaseous by-product that is released only into the atmosphere. However, due to the 1873 British Alkali Act, soda ash industrial producers were forced to dissolve the gaseous acid by-products of water to produce liquid acids.

    Today, the production of vinyl chloride, PVC, methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and polyurethane and other materials rely on hydrochloric acid, but also for the manufacture of bisphenol A, ascorbic acid and activated carbon. As a widely used chemical in the industry, it also appears in the manufacture of leather products, pharmaceuticals and corrosive clean liquids. In addition, the acid is used for acidification of the well, where the acid is injected into the hollow space of the well to soften and dissolve the rock portion to leave an open column. Finally, this process intentionally accelerated the oil drilling.

    The reaction of the acid with the base can lead to the synthesis of valuable inorganic substances. For example, ferric chloride, commonly known as a sewage treatment chemical, can be obtained as a product of the reaction of iron oxide and hydrogen chloride. Other compounds such as calcium chloride, zinc chloride and nickel (II) chloride, with acid as reactants.

    The ability of the acid to neutralize the alkali is used to adjust the alkalinity of many systems. The chemical is also used in the pH control of the flow and the necessary swimming pool during the neutralization process. Advanced HCl is used to regenerate the resin bed and is used to purify water during deionization. The hydrogen ions are released from the acid because it dissociates the cations that are accumulated in the ion exchange resin bed.
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