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  • What is the reaction between limestone and hydrochloric acid?

    Limestone and hydrochloric acid metathesis reaction: the equation is CaCO3 + 2HCl = CaCl2 + CO2 ↑ + H2O, solid calcium carbonate gradually dissolved and disappeared, and bubble generation.

    So fill: solid disappeared, there are bubbles produced.
    hydrochloric acid
    Easy to point:

    ① "salt is the salt is right, but" salt is salt "is wrong, the chemical" salt "refers to a class of substances.

    ② limestone and marble is the main component of calcium carbonate, they are mixtures, and calcium carbonate is pure.

    ③ There is a salt in daily life called sodium nitrite, industrial salt often contains sodium nitrite, is a self-color powder, salty, harmful to the human body, commonly used as preservative.

    ④ CuSO4 is a white solid, dissolved in water to form a blue CuSO4 solution, precipitated from the CuSO4 solution crystal is not copper sulfate, but copper sulfate crystal off, the chemical formula CuSO4 · 5H2O, commonly known as alum or blue alum , Is a blue solid. Copper sulfate and water can also form a gallon, the color from white to blue.Use this feature commonly used in copper sulfate solid chemical test in the water for the reagent

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