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  • Why is it so hard to get sulfuric acid?

    Sulfuric acid is a very powerful and volatile chemical. It needs to be handled by someone who is trained in the use of acids because it can cause serious burns and even death if not handled correctly. Sulfuric acid must be handled in a room with a chemical hood and vent and the user must be wearing the appropriate chemical apron and gloves. The user must also have the proper safety equipment in case of a burn or spill. 
    Here's a good example of how to not use sulfuric acid. Do not pour water into sulfuric acid! This causes a chemical reaction that varies from bubbling to an almost instant explosion depending on the amounts of each used. 
    That is the reason that this acid is so difficult to obtain. It's also very expensive to buy. One liter of Sulfuric acid purchased as a reagent grade is approximately $125.00 !
    Engineer trained in use of acids including sulfuric and other types of acids.

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