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Ammonium Hydroxide

Other Names: ammonia solution, strong; ammonia water; ammonia, aqueous solution; ammonium hydroxide ( (nh4) (oh) ) ; aqua ammonium; hartshorn spirit; spirit of hartshorn; strong ammonia solution; ammonia aqueous; ammonia water 29%; aqua ammonia

Molecular Formula: NH3.H2O

UN No.: 2672

HS No.:2814200010

CAS No.:   1336-21-6

EINECS No.:   215-647-6

Hazard Class:  8

Purity:  20% 25% 

Appearance: Transparent Colorless Liquid


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Ammonium hydroxide, also called Aqua Ammonia, solution of ammonia gas in water, a common commercial form of ammonia. It is a colourless liquid with a strong characteristic odour. In concentrated form, ammonium hydroxide can cause burns on contact with the skin; ordinary household ammonia, used as a cleanser, is dilute ammonium hydroxide.

Grade Standard


Industry gradeIndustry grade
NH3 %20%25%
Residue %0.3%0.3%
Chromaticity 8080

Note: The above specification is satisfy with GB/T 631-2007,also accord with European and American Standards.We can accept the Third part test.Such as BV,SGS etc.


PackageDrum No.Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL
IBC Drum20900 KG18 MT
25KG Drum70025 KG17.5 MT


Ammonium hydroxide is used in quite a few manufacturing processes too, including fertilizer and plastic and rubber production. One of the key ingredients of fertilizers is nitrogen, which can be derived from ammonium hydroxide (it's the N in the (NH4)OH). It can also be used to stain wood that contains tannic acids and synthesize chemicals like sodium carbonate.

Ammonium hydroxide may also be used as a neutralizer during processes that involve acidic chemicals. Its high alkalinity, however, also makes it very corrosive to certain metals, including aluminum, making it useful in industries like circuit board manufacturing, as companies can use it to etch circuit boards by corroding the metal away in a specific pattern.


Ammonium Hydroxide should be stored in a closed container and kept cool, otherwise, the ammonia gas will come out of solution and the material strength will be reduced.


Our chemicals can be tested by any impartial third party, such as SGS,BV,ISO,CE, etc.

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