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Formic Acid

Other Names:Acide Formique; Acido Formico; Ameisensaeure; Bilorin; Collo-Bueglatt; Formira; Formisoton; Hydrogen Carboxylic Acid; Kwas Metaniowy; Kyselina Mravenci; Mierenzuur; Myrmicyl; Methanoic Acid; Formic Acids 

Molecular Formula: HCOOH

UN No.: 1779

HS No.:2915110000

CAS No.:   64-18-6

EINECS No.:   200-579-1

Hazard Class:  8

Purity:  94%,90%,85%

Appearance: Transparent Colorless Liquid



Our formic acid meets Chinese national standards, as well as European and American standards.

Acidity% ≥
Colour Index ≤101010
Dilution test (Acid+Water)=1+3ClearClearClear
Chlorides,As CL % ≤0.00050.00050.002
Sulfates,As SO4 % ≤0.00050.00050.001
Metals,As Fe % ≤0.00010.00010.0001
Non-volatiles % ≤0.0060.0060.006


Formic acid, systematically named methanoic acid, is the simplest carboxylic acid, and has the chemical formula HCOOH. The chemical composition is HCOOH. It is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis. The word Esters, salts, and the anion derived from formic acid are called formates. Industrially, formic acid is produced from methanol.

Formic acid is a colorless liquid having a pungent, penetrating odor at room temperature, not unlike the related acetic acid. It is miscible with water and most polar organic solvents, and is somewhat soluble in hydrocarbons. In hydrocarbons and in the vapor phase, it consists of hydrogen-bonded dimers rather than individual molecules.Owing to its tendency to hydrogen-bond, gaseous formic acid does not obey the ideal gas law.Solid formic acid, which can exist in either of two polymorphs, consists of an effectively endless network of hydrogen-bonded formic acid molecules. Formic acid forms a low-boiling azeotrope with water (22.4%). Liquid formic acid tends to supercool.


PackageDrum No.Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL
IBC Drum20.001200 KG24 MT
35KG Drum720.0035 KG25.2MT
220KG Drum80.00220 KG17.6 MT


1.Formic acid is as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed. 

2.Formic acid is also significantly used in the production of leather and rubber, including tanning, and in dyeing and finishing textiles because of its acidic nature. 

3.Formic acid is also used in place of mineral acids for various cleaning products,such as limescale remover and toilet bowl cleaner. Some formate esters are artificial flavorings and perfumes.

4.Formic acid is used as a miticide against the tracheal mite (Acarapis woodi) and the Varroa destructor mite and Varroa jacobsoni mite.

5.Formic acid can be used as a fuel cell (it can be used directly in formic acid fuel cells and indirectly in hydrogen fuel cells).

6.Formic acid as an intermediary to produce isobutanol from CO2 using microbes.


Protect packages from damage and keep them well closed. Store in a cool,well ventilated,dry and shaded area. Avoid inhalation, ingestion and contact with eyes and skin.


Our chemicals can be tested by any impartial third party, such as SGS,BV,ISO,CE, etc.


We work in this field for about 11 years, and the annual output of formic acid is about 800,000 tons.


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