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Hydrogen Peroxide

Molecular Formula: H2O2 

UN No.: 2014

HS No.:2847000000

CAS No.:   7722-84-1

EINECS No.:   231-765-0

Hazard Class:  5.1+8

Purity: 27.5%  35%  50% 

Appearance: Transparent Colorless Liquid


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Pure hydrogen peroxide is a colourless liquid which is miscible with water. It is often supplied as a 35%(w/w) solution but is also obtainable up to 50%(w/w). Hydrogen peroxide is the most common inorganic peroxide. Due to its oxidising properties, it is used in bleach formulations, disinfection applications and also in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Grade Standard:  

Item Tech Grade 50%  Tech Grade 35%
Transparent Liquid
Colorless Transparent Liquid
FREE ACID≤0.040%≤0.040%
pH value1.5-4Conform
Evaporation residue(105ºC)≤1000mg/L620mg/L

Note: The above specification is satisfy with GB/T 1616-2014,also accord with European and American Standards.We can accept the Third part test.Such as BV,SGS etc.


PackageDrum No.Net Weight per Drum Net Weight per 20'FCL
IBC Drum20.001200 KG24 MT
35KG Drum720.0035 KG25.2MT
250KG Drum80.00250 KG20 MT


The most known use of hydrogen peroxide is as disinfectant (solution 10-30% w/w) against bacteria and viruses in homes and hospitals. Other popular use is to bleach the hair. Hydrogen peroxide is used in different industrial process, especially as blenching and desinfectanting agent. In the production of paper is used to blench the wood pulp, similar usage has on the textile production. It is added to detergent due its blenching potential. Hydrogen peroxide is using in the wastewater treatment to oxidize phenols and other chemical compounds.

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance that can be bought in the grocery store. It is used for different reasons including to clean anything that you would clean bleach with. The peroxide comes in a light blue color and it is liquid. Its formula is H2O2 which means that there are two oxygen molecules and two hydrogen molecules. If there are two hydrogen peroxide molecules, that means that two water molecules and two oxygen molecules came together.

Sometimes, hydrogen peroxide is used as a detergent to clean clothes or other materials. Peroxide is commonly used to bleach hair to a blonde color. Glow sticks use hydrogen peroxide to make these bright toys. You should never drink hydrogen peroxide as it is dangerous.


Store the product in a ventilated and cool place, prevent from direct sunshine, heat and combustible substances. If the package is damaged and there's any spill, use large quantities of water to flush it. Do not store the product on wood pallets or wood floors.


Our chemicals can be tested by any impartial third party, such as SGS,BV,ISO,CE, etc.

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