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Attention to the Safe Use of Hydrochloric Acid

Nov. 22, 2021

Hydrochloric acid is a commonly used industrial material, but because it is a strong acid, toxic and corrosive, it must be used with care. This article describes the safe use of hydrochloric acid from various aspects, including protective equipment, configuration steps, storage methods, and leak handling. Please read on.

Protective equipment

1、Wear rubber gloves before preparation, and check whether the gloves are broken and leaky before wearing.

2, wear a good protective mask and protective mask to prevent hydrochloric acid splash to the face or evaporation of hydrochloric acid during the preparation process stabbing glasses.

3、Cuffs and collar buttons should be tied, wear protective clothing and pay attention to avoid to prevent splashing.

4. The site must be equipped with clean water to prevent hydrochloric acid from splashing on the body and to use clean water for cleaning in time.

Attention to the Safe Use of Hydrochloric Acid

Preparation of hydrochloric acid

1、Prepare measuring cups (two), stirring bars, hydrochloric acid, distilled water and other related tools before preparing hydrochloric acid.

2. Calculate the ratio of hydrochloric acid required. For example: (the required ratio is 1000:9) Pour 1000ml of distilled water into a large number of cups. Pour 9ml of hydrochloric acid into another measuring cup (the cup should be dry to prevent splashing). Stir the distilled water with a stirring bar in one direction to keep it flowing and prevent splashing due to local heat when pouring in the hydrochloric acid. Pour the hydrochloric acid slowly along the wall of the cup and stir evenly.

3. Keep the prepared diluted hydrochloric acid in a safe place and place the measuring cups and tools in a clean and ventilated place to dry.

4、Hydrochloric acid is a high-risk item, no one is allowed to lend it. If you need to use it, you must write an application for use with the consent of the plant leader.

5、When preparing dilute hydrochloric acid, pour the hydrochloric acid into water slowly; require two people to operate during the preparation process; strictly prohibit the pouring of water into the hydrochloric acid to prevent an explosion.

Precautions for the use

1. Wear good rubber gloves when using dilute hydrochloric acid, and check whether the gloves are broken and leaky before wearing them; wear a protective mask and protective masks to prevent dilute hydrochloric acid from splashing into the face or eyes.

2. Corrosive liquids (e.g. hydrochloric acid, etc.) on site must be clearly labeled, and the label must match the content and indicate the name of the reagent.

3、When handling and using hydrochloric acid, pay attention to check whether the container has cracks and whether the outer packaging is firm.

4, pay attention to the safety of standing, the body is high to avoid the body part as far as possible.

5, hydrochloric acid is easy to evaporate, require sealed storage, not stored in high places.

6、Separate the management of concentrated hydrochloric acid and dilute hydrochloric acid, and set up different people to manage them, and forbid other people to use them or lend them to others.

7、Storage in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse. Storage temperature is less than 30℃, keep the container sealed. Store separately from alkalis, amines, alkali metals and flammable or combustible materials, and be careful not to mix them.

Dangerous first aid measures

1、Prepare water, wipe and wash with water immediately if splashed.

2, pay attention to the evaporation of hydrochloric acid to prevent inhalation, if inhaled quickly leave to breathe fresh air or rinse mouth with water. Suction device can be installed on the side of the container, and then with the fan, acid mist purifier, duct and other equipment and facilities, the hydrochloric acid fog will be discharged outdoors to deal with.

3, hydrochloric acid leakage to the ground should be immediately mixed with sandy soil, dry lime or soda ash. It can also be flushed with a large amount of water and put into the wastewater system after diluting the wash water.   

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