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Safety operation procedures for nitric acid installers in mineral processing plant

Mar. 21, 2020

1 Scope

This regulation specifies the safe operation contents and requirements of the nitric acid installer.

This procedure applies to nitric acid filling jobs.

2 content

2.1 The operator must be qualified after passing the safety training; wear protective helmets, gloves and other labor protection articles before going to work. Employees must wear three tight dresses; women workers must be in safety helmets, not wearing shorts, high heels, and slippers.

2.2 Goggles, face masks, rubber gloves and other corresponding labor protection products must be worn when adding nitric acid.

2.3 Before adding acid, check the content of the nitric acid tank, use the wooden stick to inspect the storage volume in the nitric acid tank, check whether the pipeline for transporting nitric acid and the nitric acid tank meet the safety requirements. After determining the safety requirements, the amount of acid added should be determined. First install the clean water in a ratio of 1:1. Add enough water to open the gate valve to install nitric acid.

2.4 After the initial installation of nitric acid, it is necessary to inspect the nitric acid pipeline and the nitric acid tank for dripping. If there is any drip, close the gate valve, and then treat the drip position and then open the gate to add acid.

2.5 During the acid addition process, it is necessary to concentrate on the idea, always pay attention to the rising position of the nitric acid overflow surface. When the nitric acid overflow surface in the acid tank is 20 cm from the top of the nitric acid tank, the acid should be stopped immediately and the gate valve should be closed.

2.6 Perform a safety check on the nitric acid tank every day and make a record of the inspection.

2.7 After adding the acid, the nitric acid installer records the acid addition and the amount of acid added in detail.

2.8 The person is responsible for the acid and is stored in a storage cabinet.

2.9 When using dilute nitric acid, strictly follow the acid system.

2.10 After each acid barrel is used, it should be cleaned with water in time, and the PH value must be above 5.

2.11 The workplace should be ventilated in time to ensure fresh air in the workplace.

2.12 Fill in the original records carefully, do the environmental sanitation work in this position, and keep the equipment clean.

2.13 Strictly implement the handover system.