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Sodium Hydrosulfide

Product Name: Sodium Hydrosulfide

Other Names:

Sodium sulfohydrate; sodium hydrosulphide; Sodium Hydrogen Sulphide; Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide; Sodium Sulfhydrate; sodium bisulfide

Molecular Formula: NaHS

UN No.: 2949

HS No.: 2830109000

CAS No.: 16721-80-5

EINECS No.: 240-778-0

Hazard Class:  8

Purity: 70%

Appearance: Yellow Flakes

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Sodium hydrosulfide is the chemical compound with the formula NaHS. This compound is the product of the half-neutralization of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) with sodium hydroxide. NaHS is a useful reagent for the synthesis of organic and inorganic sulfur compounds, sometimes as a solid reagent, more often as an aqueous solution. Solid NaHS is colorless, and typically smells like H2S owing to hydrolysis by atmospheric moisture. In contrast with sodium sulfide (Na2S), which is insoluble in organic solvents, NaHS, being a 1:1 electrolyte, is more soluble. Alternatively, in place of NaHS, H2S can be treated with an organic amine to generate an ammonium salt. Solutions of HS− are sensitive to oxygen, converting mainly to polysulfides, indicated by the appearance of yellow.

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

NaHS   % min     70.0
Na2S%   max     1.50
Na2SO3%   max     1.00
Fe  max     30   PPM
Na2CO3   % max      0.60
Matter   Insoluble in water % max      0.005


PackageQuantity (Without Pallet)   20’GPQuantity (With Pallet)   20’GP
25kgs Bag22MT20MT
900kgs bag18MT18MT


Thousands of tons of NaHS are produced annually. Its main uses are in cloth and paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur used in the kraft process, as a flotation agent in copper mining where it is used to activate oxide mineral species, and in the leather industry for the removal of hair from hides.


Store in a cool, dry place. Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Keep from contact with oxidizing materials. Keep away from strong acids. Store protected from moisture.